Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher - Mr. Wood, Room 5, (714) 545-5400 ext. 45421

Email: michael.wood@sausd.us

Google Voice - (657) 229-1477

Please review your Canvas Classroom handout and try using the links that are provided on it.

How do I log into Canvas? You will receive a login code from your teacher, you will log into your school Canvas account and follow the instructions on your Canvas handout.

Where do I find my assignments in Canvas? Your assignments will be listed under the Assignments tab in Canvas, click on assignments to open a dropdown menu of your assignments. They are also listed on the on the Files page.

How do I submit an assignment in Canvas? After you complete your assignment remember to click on the submit button. You will be able to see "not graded yet" after you submit your assignment.

What do I do if I can't find my grades? First log into Canvas, you should be able to see how many points you received for an assignment when you can click on the grade received to view notes that were written about your received assignment. If you need help with this, please see me directly.

How do I log into Khan Academy? You will use the Khan Academy link provided for you in Canvas, once you click on the link you will follow the instruction to create and log into your account as a STUDENT!

Please remember that you have all signed and agreed to our Honor Contract, plagiarism, copying from another student, not participating in group or lab projects will result in the consequences listed on our contract.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly, I am here to help you succeed, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to see me. My extended hours are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3 - 5 pm in room 721.

Thank you students.

"There is no substitute for hard work" Thomas Edison

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/WT3EL6Alternatively, they can sign up at https://canvas.instructure.com/register and use the following join code: WT3EL6

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